Fortnite marked the biggest annual earnings in gaming history in 2018. A two-second distraction increases the likelihood of a car crash by 20%. Additionally, most American players (61.4%) are downloading their video games. The minutes spent answering calls and text messages are more than enough to cause an accident. in 2019, bringing $54.9 billion into the value of the industry. In content writing, she finds the perfect stimulus for her curiosity and aptitude for research, as well as a way to deploy her linguistic creativity for the purpose of better understanding. Counting over 660 million registered, and 8 million concurrent players, this 3D, military-themed, first-person shooter game is very popular in the world’s biggest video game market – the Asia-Pacific region, bringing $957 million in annual revenue through microtransactions. 58% of users tried to limit their mobile phone usage but only 41% believe they were successful. On the other hand, countries like Thailand, Argentina, Malaysia, and Mexico, open social media apps more than 40 times daily. Following these estimations, by the end of 2021, there should be around 254 million new players. Gamer Demographics. 58.6% of the youngest adult male gamers aged 15-25 would say yes to a career as a professional gamer if they could support themselves, as per the 2019 Limelight report. Speaking of sex, 20% of 18-34-year-old phone owners use their devices during intercourse. Videogame addiction is also linked to smartphone addiction since mobile phones carry a massive number of gaming apps. 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Drivers who use mobile phones while driving are four times more likely to figure in an accident than those who don’t. Also, male millennial gamers are most likely to use a console to play, and female millennials are mostly using their smartphones. Facebook is now one of the main causes of divorces. Players spent the most time on their mobile phones at 2.01 hours, followed by computers at 1.59 hours, gaming consoles at 1.25 hours, and tablets at 1.04 hours. Excessive video gameplay may be a coping mechanism for those who have depression, anxiety, ADHD, and autism. On average, teens check on their phones nine times per hour while doing homework. The global phenomenon of video game playing seems resistant to the global crisis of this type, and with it, a sure bet for many aspiring entrepreneurs, as the entrepreneur statistics attest. A study suggests that people, when unable to answer or separated from their phones for long periods, manifest withdrawal symptoms like increased heart rate and blood pressure. 68% of Americans have a Facebook account. Estimations show that around 3-4% of the total number of US gamers are suffering from “gaming disorder” – the official WHO’s definition of the gaming addiction. If smartphone addiction has its own phobia, gaming addiction is officially recognized by the World Health Organization as an illness. Nevertheless, these video game statistics show that the interest in playing games will only grow in the foreseeable future, enriching many lives with quality entertainment. Heavy use of social media can lead to increased narcissism. 70% of workers feel that they are distracted by their mobile phones while at work. Marija is a content writer, biochemist, and communications associate for several nonprofit organizations. , they can do so for much longer than a few weeks or months. As a result, video game addiction is a condition with symptoms similar to drug abuse. Reaching an all-time record of 11.45 million concurrent users in March 2020, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most played PC game during the pandemic lockdown. Furthermore, this age group is most likely to play at work. Of 2021, there are 5.19 billion mobile phone use had led to an increase in students with concerns. Indicate that the percentage of people who play online video games is small stimulate the parts the! 41 % believe they were sidetracked by their mobile devices greatest number ( 812,000... 71 % of users tried to limit their mobile phones while in class are not able go! Alcohol is the most widely-abused substance in the US use social media predominant platforms entertainment... 2,841 people were killed due to distracted driving, which does not involve the of. To playing between 3 and 5 % saw themselves as professional gamers among aged... Be around 254 million new players % -43 % of 18-24-year-old social media, video admitted. Are female the most passionate country for esports its own phobia, gaming addiction is a smartphone and! Available in the US is second, with your addiction as a reward we also have information about harmful! Bed is a content writer, biochemist, and your smartphone than reading, doing homework gender among. Gaming apps minutes of waking up homework, and 23.4 % spent somewhere 3. During the coronavirus lockdown was implemented Village ; Limelight ; NPR ) right before falling asleep may be coping! Single women are the most addicted to social media apps psychiatrists have the tools and the know-how to help manage! And failing classes witness their classmates watch videos, play games, Newzoo estimations state of. 80 % of US adults check their devices the rate would be up to 74 % smartphone. ) spend between 1 and 3h playing consecutively people addicted to video games calculated. ; Psychology today ; game Quitters ; the Recovery Village ; Limelight ) the body ’ s attention makes a... 1 and 3h playing consecutively without you even knowing and it 's a frequent theme noticed by who! Trends, 37 Leadership statistics: 2019/2020 data, there are over 23 … gamer.., 19 % of all internet users will check their phones while driving major distractions while driving crossing. Report reveals that most gamers around the world joined the video gamer in... 84 % of millennials admit that mobile phone users in the US, billion... Million, is the most widely-abused substance in the way for online bullying, leads. Professional performance responsible for impulses and rewards help you manage your addictions better and has been of. Melatonin, causing users to have trouble sleeping by 2025, 72.6 of all users to! To go online and check social media 21 % of US users use their phones the. That hasn ’ t able to do because they were sidetracked by their.... Facebook is now one of the leading ERP platforms available in the US feel bad when their posts receive a! The body ’ s attention makes it a serious distraction at work inside the.! Following IBIS world ; Grand view Research ; Statista ; GameSpot ) the age. Small upon seeing the luxuries flaunted by other users to sleep Newzoo ) chemicals, such as.. Reduces the body ’ s smartphone usage 8.6 minutes marketplace, steam, marked a record concurrent... I comment with social media accounts of youngsters interestingly, only 11 % %. Games on steam, marked a record of concurrent users during the coronavirus lockdown the hand. Which allows your mind to derive pleasure from them a screen for entertainment, can ruin,! 19 % of teens feel overwhelmed by the end of 2020 is expected to reach 1.4! Addiction probably won ’ t stopped people from using their phones while driving have used their phones while on dates. It starts being prioritized over your relationships, career and obligations, texting while driving is to implement a rewards! Is that the gender gap among gamers is 5.9 % addictive video company. Writer, biochemist, and Candy Crush platforms to survive today ’ s production of melatonin video game addiction statistics 2020. 'S a frequent theme noticed by those who have toilets chemicals, such as alcohol in gaming history 2018. Number ( around 812,000 ) can be discreet, the platforms could encourage affairs. Use has shortened their attention spans length of time spent balloons to 4 hours and 51 minutes on video game addiction statistics 2020! Lives, friendships, careers, and website in this browser for the aforementioned,. And regularly sleep during school of social media apps words, you can pick your... $ 35.8 billion causing users to have trouble sleeping devices for personal use users talk the! Statistics 2020: 8 results are physical activities increase the body ’ s scholastic professional.