Buutenks could stomp Ultimate Gohan and Kid Buu was superior to a Spirit Bomb containing Ultimate Gohan+Z fighters and some humans energy. If this is Gohan vs SSJ3 Goku During the Kid Buu fight well then Gohan is obviously stronger by doing comparisons. Gohan no Mirakuru Pawā, lit. 0. … Forum Posts. This episode first … No he hasn't. The anime actually does try to pretend that Gohan is the main character during this fight. » Ultimate Cell (Gohan Absorbed) vs Buutenks. Gohan Vs Buutenks Shintani. Join Community. By daimaoha5a4 Watch. 0. I guess I can only put it like this: Buuhan >> Buutenks >> Gohan >>> Super Buu >=< SSj3 Gotenks. With a longer fight, it feels as though Gohan … 5K Views. … Laurcus. Ultimate Cell (Gohan Absorbed) vs Buutenks. In this case, I’ll refer to the anime released in the United States. (gotenks, ultimate gohan) Source: twitter.com #dragon ball z #dokkan battle #super buu #buutenks #buuhan #majin buun #majin buu saga #dbz #lr card #bandai namco entertainment #ssr card #ur card #card art baa broly db dbgt dbz dragonball dragonballz drawing gogeta gohan goku kidgoku paragus piccolo princeofallsaiyans saiyajin saiyans shida sketch songoku ssj4 vegetadragonball veggito gokudragonball gokussj3 kanba shintani … Gohan was able to dominate Super Buu without even trying. naruto. Super Buu (Gotenks Absorbed)/"Buutenks" Super Buu absorbs Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks and Piccolo during his battle against Ultimate Gohan and Super Saiyan 3 Goku, and for a short time, manages to easily defeat them in battle. 8 years ago. Buutenks stomping Ultimate Gohan is better then anything Kid Buu has done. 159 Favourites. 5:09. "A Whole New Gohan" (ブウを圧あっ倒とう!! 23 Comments. Follow 1309. It’s given far more weight and the fight is framed like the genuine final battle. It took everything Gotenks had to come close to killing Buu until the fusion wore off.. unless you think Buu was just stalling for time until Gohan finally came. To get things in perspective, we need to start at the beginning, and progress chronologically and stick to a single source of information. 悟ご飯はんのミラクルパワー, BÅ« o Attō!! Gohan and Buutenks even take up Goku’s and Vegeta’s classic poses from the Saiyan arc respectively. 543 Anime Fans. "Boo is Overwhelmed!! Super Buu (Piccolo Absorbed)/"Buucolo" Super Buu reverts to this state after Gotenks … Dragon Ball Xenoverse - Ultimate Gohan vs Super Buu, SSJ2 Gohan vs Cell, Vegito vs Buu Gameplay. Gohan's Miracle Power") is the tenth episode of the Fusion Saga and the two hundred sixty-third overall episode in the original dubbed and uncut Dragon Ball Z series.