Nom alternatif : Lee Kyu Hyung; Nationalité : Sud-coréenne; Genre : Homme; Date de naissance : 1995 (25 - 26 ans) Ancien groupe : PRODUCE X 101 (Chant) (2019) 5. admirable actor! 7 มี.ค. Pretty Jan 29 2018 12:26 am Tags: Go Bo-kyul, Hi Bye Mama, Kim Tae-hee, Lee Kyu-hyung. Height: 175 cm (5’9”) after watching hi bye mama right now, i am really amazed and hook to lee kyu hyung's acting! Sometimes he looks like jo in sung ? Trở lại màn ảnh nhỏ với bộ phim đang gây được nhiều sự chú ý trong đầu năm 2020 đó chính là tác phẩm Hi, Bye Mama! esp in stranger and prison playbook . daisy Dec 02 2017 1:31 am -He is under Ace Factory He's one of them. I honestly love his character in Prison Playbook! We want more! K Aug 13 2017 8:15 am I love his act both on Prison Playbook and Stranger. Oh My God, he is for sure one of the TOP actors!!! Looney i lobe you beri much ?❤️ Oppa, Saranghae! He really cracked me up as Haerong in the Prison Playbook. But the ending in prison playbook for him is just a shocking twist for his character. also Yuri, and her best friend, and her silly husband who worked in the same hospital. My Dictator (나의 독재자) | 2014 – Chul Joo Lee Kyu Hyung movies and tv shows: Life, Prison Playbook, Stranger, Hwarang, Goblin... Lee Kyu Hyung is a member of South Korea Omg, such a different character! He lightened up the spirit in Prison Playbook with Looney and he was so convincing! It's sooooo adorable <3 He needs to win an award. biancz Oct 01 2020 7:53 am Life (라이프) | 2018 – Ye Sun Woo Very good actor. I think sometimes he looks like Jo In Sung! Kpop – Who wore it better? Choisissez parmi des contenus premium Lee Hyung Kyu de la plus haute qualité. Lili May 23 2020 2:37 am Lee Kyu Hyung gifts drama fans a glimpse of his colorful real-life character in I Live ALone!. W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); Corvail Dec 15 2018 6:33 am I hope I can often see him in other dramas or other movies later on. Suggestions, About Us After Secret Forest won daesang at baeksang award, i watch again some scene from the drama. There are 30+ professionals named "Kyu-hyun Lee", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. J john Jul 23 2017 9:04 am In my mind said 'Wow, this person is really good at acting! Ahhhhhh I don’t want this drama endssas. Dee Jan 18 2018 2:38 pm I wanna see u in new dramas, Azen Dec 19 2018 11:42 am Great job! NGS Jul 16 2017 12:12 pm looney Jan 17 2018 4:13 pm Lee Kyu Hyung (이규형) is a South Korean actor who made his film debut in 2001. I looking forward to see you in the next project. He represented South Korea at the 1998 Winter Olympics and the 2002 Winter Olympics, placing 24th and 28th, respectively. Pameela Aug 13 2017 4:03 pm Faye Aug 25 2018 1:51 pm Ann Feb 04 2018 6:49 am | Privacy Policy | Contact, Kim Tae Hee makes a finger heart while Lee Kyu Hyung strikes a playful pose. -He attended Kyung Hee University but later on dropped out before he finished his degree. i remember when han-yang die to wanna know the present from jiwon. He is good too as Yoon Sewon in Stranger (Forest of Secrets)... Quiet, unassuming character who harboured a deep, dark secret. Not sure if I was the only one wanting you and Captain Yoo to get together, but you two were cute fighting together. if it wasn't flashback i want scolded jiwon, because he wasn't there when han-yang released penitentiary. yoon Sep 12 2020 6:21 pm great actor, han yang and kang hwa are both well-performed. I just saw him in Prison Playbook. His story ending is unexplained, jadeu_ibnida Nov 14 2020 10:23 am His acting is really wide ordinary! ' He left a deep impression in my mind.. now im a big fan of him! I enjoyed him as Looney in Prison Playbook. He was awasome in Prison playbook!!!!!! Ann Feb 04 2018 6:50 am His acting in Prison Playbook is on point. Wow! He is awesome! I think you are really a good-package actor. His character and acting in Prison Playbook IS THE BEST. Lee Kyu-hyun is a South Korean former competitive figure skater. I am shocked. Name: Lee Kyu Hyung (이규형) -He made his film debut “Kick the Moon” in 2001 but a minor role. I don't know why the killers in Korean drama are so dazzling. Biographie. I was really surprised by his acting skills in Secret Forest. Why why whyyyyy???? Egg Aug 17 2017 11:36 am //, Mail (required but will not be published). Feel free to ask us anything, anytime! Tags: Go Bo-kyul, Hi Bye Mama, Kim Tae-hee, Lee Kyu-hyung. He is such a good actor!!! They're like serious yet hilarious ❤, Lunia Dec 15 2017 11:57 pm Do he just rot in jail again??? BANDIT VON JAVA Jul 08 2020 9:17 am stay safe and healthy. The main person who was a surgeon Dr. (Kim Sora as a red leather jacket ghost in Goblin, as Shi Mok's secretary in Secret Forest). Hope to see him in other drama with more screen time. I love his performance in "hi, bye mama" movies, Odin Apr 16 2020 10:43 am Dec 13, 2020. by C. Hong. Lee Kyung-kyu started as a comedian, established himself as a leading MC and tried his luck in the movie industry. YESS!! Such a great acting skill and there's no doubt that you're the scenes stealer there. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); //]]>, //