Recent Developments and Limitations of the SFG Model

D. Sheng


Soils and Rocks, São Paulo, 39(1): 41-49, January-April, 2016 | PDF


The SFG model was proposed in attempt to provide a consistent description of the stress-strain behaviour of unsaturated soils, including compacted soils and soils dried from slurry. It differs from existing models mainly through two aspects: a consistent description of volume change, yield stress and shear strength behaviour of unsaturated soils and a smooth and natural transition between saturated and unsaturated states. The model has attracted significant attention since it was first proposed and has been extended to cover coupled hydro-mechanical behaviour, hysteretic water retention behaviour and density-dependency. This paper presents a summary of the latest developments of the model, as well as the aspects that require further refinements.

Invited Article, no discussion.